Hopeless Knock

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アメリカ、キューバ、ジャマイカ、メキシコ、マレーシア、ベトナム、イ ンド,


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Between real n pipe dream

I feel that day by day,our soul are connecting
Even we both of hide a thing
The truth doesn’t have to be clear

I don’t wanna know your everything
I cant tell you everything either
that’s why this love is beautiful and goes on forever

Sometimes I ask to the moon
what I can believe
What I can stand up for
What I need of my life
What is real

Only my feeling for you is real in this fucking complicate world

You know you lead me the bright way
And i wanna be the person who make you feel better either

When i stand by you, the world can be just me and you
No sounds,no pain and simple innocent love in front of us

So please spend a moment with me now
I know our life will go separate and if this world would scratch our time by concrete jungle

I love you forever
I’m on your side till worlds end

I love you

More than words……

I just love you

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