kenichi kono (en)

My name is kenichi kono.I’m originally from yokohama JAPAN and now living in SHINJUKU.I I’ve never lived in other counties,only been to the states for a couple of times.

drummer/DJ/web magazine director and writter/event organizer

There are so many cool artists and street scene in Tokyo.They’ve got good qualities and strong vibes but not on media that much.

So I decided to show our cultures,music,scene, what ever comes up through this blog and want pepole to know what’s goin on here in Japan in my poor english skills.I will try to post em once a week or more.

TRUST ME.ALL ARTISTS IN THIS BLOG are REAL.I hope they are focused more and if you live in Japan, please change your weekend plan sometime and see new stuff and have new experience.thank you! and


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CLOTHING l.o.v.e

err hello.

not bout music again’s topic is bout CLOTHING LINE.

I’m not very fashion ppl.I buy whatevet I take and like, even swap meat 500yen jacket or just blank white Tshirts is fine for me. But at the same time I want to wear nice cool clothing when I go out to the club or bar. and especially when my friends doing clothing line…why not?you must know this moment and mood “WEARING COOL SHIT”sometime.

In this season most of clothing brands are doing exhibition of the new line for next season.This is Jan in winter so this collection is for this summer 2012.

I always try to go to my friend’s exhibition as much as possible to check what’s going on and say hi. Every time when I go there,I always feel very creative vibes and LOVE for the clothing from designers not like producted in factory like some of populist brand in everywhere in a world.

oh but I don’t deny these popular clothing line because sometime I wear and buy them cheap.

But this is the same as music.I listen to any of music and sometime pop(I don’t buy it) but at least I dig that good quality and independent music at the same time.more like thats my things tho.What I want to say is….lets try to know both side

popular or unpopular

major or indie

majority or minority

Most of us know the “popular”side cuz they are in the street and on media all the time.

So these brands I always check have strong EGO from the real street and touch our vibes with LOVE for clothing.

ofcorse a little bit expencive and can’t buy them all the time but meke me feel better when I wear  them and go out to the club or shows in public.


These are my fav brand,and friends doing press and design and something.





if you have any chance, please check them touch them bite them. They are very independente clothing line and good qualities with rock.punk attitude.

for your spice of life.