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My name is kenichi kono.I’m originally from yokohama JAPAN and now living in SHINJUKU.I I’ve never lived in other counties,only been to the states for a couple of times.

drummer/DJ/web magazine director and writter/event organizer

There are so many cool artists and street scene in Tokyo.They’ve got good qualities and strong vibes but not on media that much.

So I decided to show our cultures,music,scene, what ever comes up through this blog and want pepole to know what’s goin on here in Japan in my poor english skills.I will try to post em once a week or more.

TRUST ME.ALL ARTISTS IN THIS BLOG are REAL.I hope they are focused more and if you live in Japan, please change your weekend plan sometime and see new stuff and have new experience.thank you! and


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This is not japanese artist but This “MOVITS”from sweden are coming to Japan on this weekend.They are 3 Rap trio in swedish. Not band, singing with some track.

They are playing very very local club in shinjuku and I guess so rare to see them there…..So I really want to recommend this party!!


This party is with many local Japanese DJs who plays Jazz,Latin,Ska,Rock,World music….

I’m pretty sure you will know very local club scene and good chance to know eh?

Going to womb?Going to AGEHA? Going to AIR?UNIT?


once a year spending time at local club in shinjuku?


It’s up to you!!

This is INFO bout this party!

~ Nu Spontaneous Combustion feat.Movits! (from Sweden)
2012/02/11(Sat)@SHINJUKU OTO

at door ¥2500(2d) / with flyer & Discount ¥2000(2d)

OPEN 22:00~5:00

Special Guest Live
Movits! (from Sweden)

takebana eiji(JAZZBROTHERS)
kanno katsuya(Elequesta Of Tabla)
takahasi masaru(Swing Design*)
yokoyama ryusuke(RARE DROPS)
DJ Shinsuke
DJ bara(Peanuts Production)
oonishi yousuke
kajiwara chisato


Flyer Design
Yuichi Kaneko(Drape)

shinjuku kabukicho1-17-5-2F

if someone want to go ,also emaill to


 I don’t have to reccomend any party on media already.
So I’ll keep posting this kinda very local pary sometime.

See ya there!!